Birman Rescue and Welfare

We help Birmans of ALL colours, not just Seal & Blue.
All Birmans should live in safe and loving homes.

Please see the list below for Birmans currently in need of homes.

The Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club runs a very busy Birman Rescue and Welfare service, with four rescue homes in the UK for Birmans under our care.

Many of the Birmans we care for need rehoming due to unfortunate circumstances, such as their owners dying, or not being able to care for them properly. We also deal with rescues of lost and abandoned Birmans.

Genuine homes are always needed, especially for solitary cats who prefer the love and attention of being an only pet.

Please don’t be put off by the age of a cat. It’s very common for Birmans to live to be 18+. These Birmans are always very loving and rarely have any health problems. They just need a caring home to live out the remainder of their days.

Birmans in need of homes:

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