More cats rehomed!

Thank you so much, everyone, for your recent enquiries about Luke, Lottie and Cocoa.

We’re thrilled to report that they’ve now found loving, forever homes.

Keep your eye on our welfare page for more adorable Birmans in need!

Lots of love,

Record number of Safe Houses for The Seal and Blue Point Birman Cat Club

I am delighted to announce that due to the kindness of several friends our rescue now has nine, yes NINE, safe houses for Birmans accross the UK!

The safe houses are spread out across many different regions and will help our rescue save time and money on relocating Birmans in need.

Our thanks go to Gareth & Glenys Stone, Rhoda Hedges, Carol Pike, Nicki Fenwick Raven, Tracy Adams and Tig Heffernan for everything they do to support Birman Welfare in the UK!

Binks & Llioni

Binks & LlioniMany thanks to everyone who enquired after Binks and Llioni! We’re pleased to report that they’re settling into their new home.

Keep your eye on our Adoption page for more Birmans in need of homes.

Note that our Welfare Office will not be able to respond to emails or calls from 25th July to 1st August and will catch up on all enquiries when she’s back.

Roddy Rehomed

RoddyMany thanks to all the enquiries and offers we had to take in Roddy.

We’re thrilled to report that he’s now safe, sound and happy in his new home.

Keep an eye on our adoption/welfare page for future Birmans looking for families!

Merry Christmas from the Seal and Blue Point Birman Cat Club!

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit with some more good news this year. We’re happy to report that all of our current welfare cats have been successfully rehomed, and are snuggled up with their new families in time for the holidays.

Much love goes out to Boboo, Pixie and Rudolph, and their wonderful adopted families, at this special time of year. Merry Christmas to all the Birmans we’ve rehomed this year, and the families that have taken them in. Here’s to an equally successful 2015!

More rehoming successes

Thank you all so very much for your continued support in our Welfare programme!

Today we can happily announce that homes have been found for three of the cats in our care.


Purdi has found a loving home as an only cat!

Purdi has found a loving home as an only cat, and Red & Mitzi have found a forever home in Cornwall with their new owners Andrew and Alison.

Red and Mitzi

Red and Mitzi, dearly loved by Andrew and Alison

I’d like to thank Andrew and Alison for all they’ve done for them, and for giving them such a wonderful home where they can end their days loved and secure in the knowledge that they will always be together.

Tealeaf successfully rehomed

TealeafTealeaf would like to thank everyone who enquired about giving her a loving home. She’s now happily been resettled.

Keep your eye out for more Birmans in need of homes on our Welfare page. We’ve got a couple of very special little ones coming up shortly, who I’m certain will go very quickly!

Lola and Bella successfully rehomed!

Lola and BellaLola and Bella are now settling well in their new home together.

Thanks to everyone who have phoned, emailed and enquired about these two ladies.

Harry happy in his new home

Harry in his new home

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who enquired about rehoming Harry! It’s always so touching to have so many people come forward to care for a Birman in need of a home.

We’re happy to report that Harry has now been adopted, and is very happy in his new home.

As of today, we still have two other lovely Birmans in the rescue, so if you’re on the lookout for a couple of friends or think that you could take the gorgeous Red and Mitzi under your wing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New Safe House (2014)

This is our new safe house that was erected today at the home of our Welfare Officer Sue Allen, many thanks to Leigh & Jen of Decorus Bengals for all their help and advice, we are delighted with the finished product.

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