About Birmans


“Mystical, magical, enchanting with soulful blue eyes, a gentle demeanor, and the best friend you ever had… this describes the Birman cat.” – The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Birmans are incredibly gentle, loving cats. They can best be described as…bewitching, with their deep, blue eyes and distinguished appearance.

This pointed breed has a silky soft semi-longhaired coat, which is light in colour. Their bodies and their paws (or “gloves”, which stay white) offer a stark contrast with their point colour, which develops on their face, ears, tail and legs. They are solidly built medium to large cats with powerful muscles for play!

Above all else, this breed is best known for its personality or temperament. They’re wonderful companions with a lot of love to give. They adore being around people and use a soft chirp-like mew to get your attention. They’re incredibly social, devoted to their owners, and give fantastic cuddles. If you’re looking for an affectionate and faithful fluffy friend then a Birman is definitely for you.

The Birman Legend

Centuries ago, the Khmer people of Asia built beautiful temples of worship, to pay homage to their gods. In the Temple of Lao-Tsun was a statue of a golden goddess with sapphire blue eyes, who watched over the transmutation of souls. The Temple also housed 100 pure white cats, who were cared for by the priests.

Mun-Ha, one of the most beloved of priests – whose beard had been braided with gold by the great god Son-Khio, often knelt in meditation before the golden goddess, Tsyn-Kyan-Kse. Mun-Ha loved one of these beautiful white cats, called Sinh. The cat was always at the priest’s side, gazing at the brilliant goddess, as his master prayed.

One night, as the moon rose and Mun-Ha was kneeling before the sacred goddess, raiders attacked the Temple and the priest was killed. At the moment of Mun-Ha’s death, Sinh placed his feet upon his fallen master and faced the golden goddess. Immediately the fur on his white body was as golden as the light radiating from the Idol: her sapphire eyes became his own, his ears, legs, face and tail took the on the colour of the fertile earth – but where his feet rested gently on his master, they remained white – thus denoting purity. On seeing this change the remaining priests were given the courage to defeat the raiders.

The next morning the Temple radiated with the transformation of the 99 other white Temple cats which like Sinh, had taken on the golden hue, sapphire blue eyes, brown points and pure white feet. Sinh, the Golden Cat of Burma never left the throne after his master’s death taking neither food nor drink. Seven days later he too died, carrying with him into Paradise the soul of his beloved master Mun-Ha.

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